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Montenegro Taking Tourists Away From Croatia

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Erschienen am: 10.09.2006

Euroregional Tourists experts say that Montenegro will be taking away a portion of Croatian tourists very soon.

Rijeka daily Novi List writes that since Montenegro is the fastest growing tourist destination in the region, it will probably destabilise Croatia’s tourism in the coming years by making improvements in its quality of services.

The daily writes that the fact that Montenegro is becoming more attractive for tourists and that the rising prices in the southern region of Croatia have been turning off tourists will both lead to Croatia losing a significant amount of business.

Only several kilometres south, tourists are receiving cheaper accommodations with the ability to take a one-day trip to Dubrovnik. Novi List writes, adding that there are currently 230 categorised tourist buildings in Montenegro with 35,000 available beds and that the categorisation is ongoing.

Montenegrin Tourism Minister Predrag Nenezic told Novi List that this season will probably be the best for Montenegro since the dissolving of the former Yugoslavia. He expects about 900,000 guests and a planned income of about 300 million euros.

Predrag Nenezic added that this season exceeded all expectations and that the interest has not died down.

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UN Tribunal Fines Croatian Journalist For Publishing Confidential Material

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Erschienen am: 30.08.2006

The International Criminal Tribunal for the Former Yugoslavia (ICTY) has found a Croatian journalist guilty of contempt for publishing closed session transcripts and part of a witness statement.In a judgement issued today, the Tribunal fined Josip Jovic, a former editor-in-chief of the Croatian daily newspaper Slobodna Dalmacija, 20,000 Euros.

In a series of articles that appeared in November and December 2000, Mr. Jovic published the transcripts and part of a statement given to the Office of the Prosecutor by Croatian President Stjepan Mesic, who testified against a former Croatian Army general.